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Review: 16 Second Stare at the Staregrounds

Not many bands can boast that they actually own their own venue. 16 Second Stare is one of the few who can do so.

When I first heard about their show Tuesday, I was immediately intrigued by the fact that they had their own venue. I knew that it would either be ridiculously lame or be awesome beyond comparison. Thankfully, it was the latter.

Set out in the backwoods of Lutz, the Staregrounds looks like little more than a private residence when you approach, but there's so much more than immediately meets the eyes.

Nestled in the back of gigantic field lies a intricately built stage that's rivals that of other outdoor venues in Tampa Bay.

Due to the extreme rains earlier in the day, the band had canceled the show, but due to the massive attendance of fans, the band decided to move all their equipment back out to the stage and get to rocking.

All throughout the night, I had various people telling about how great the band was and how they were going to be touring on Cruefest. After seeing their show, I can definitely see why.

With high energy vocals and finger-blistering guitar riffs, the boys of 16 Second Stare really know how to rock and I'd hit up Cruefest purely to see them. I'd be very surprised if you don't hear these guys being played on 98 Rock in the future.They were even able to to put a rock twist on Amazing Grace. It was truly wild.

One of the nice things about having their own venue was that the audience was restricted too much by security. The crowd stayed in line and it allowed for cool things like a stage dive right into the dirt to occur (Don't worry. The diver was okay).

When the concert finally ended, it wasn't because the band had run out of songs. It was because the police showed up and told them to shut it down. To me, that's what rock is all about. Being risky, original and defiant of authority.

If you get a chance to go to the Staregrounds (2518 Sunset Lane, Lutz) and see 16 Second Stare, take it. It's an experience that exemplifies the spirit of rock.

--Story/photos by Leigh Armstrong, Times Staff Writer

Check after the jump for more photos of the crazy party at the Staregrounds!

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