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Review and photos: Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! bring a neon dance party to Crowbar



A traveling party, better known as the Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt!, paid a visit to Ybor City’s Crowbar on Saturday night. The New York City band (if you could call them a band) is the brainchild of Neil Fridd, who programs geeky, hyper synth-pop on his laptop and has a rotating cast of co-conspirators that help him pull it off live.

On record, Terror Pigeon are a catchy, jubilant sing-along band. The songs follow a simple, yet proven formula: fast beats, bouncing piano loops, cheap synthesizer sounds and countless vocal overdubs exploding with a lust for life.

Live, Terror Pigeon is the dance party to end all dance parties. Fridd was joined on tour by two other singers and fourth member playing the accordion and trumpet. The front of stage was decorated with various lights and inflatable yard decorations from random holidays past. Prior to the start of their set, they handed out about 30 homemade costumes for their fans to wear. Once the band and crowd were dressed and ready, someone pressed play on the laptop and the dance party started.

The Terror Pigeon boys don’t play on the stage. They do their thing on the floor in the midst of the dancing, costumed melee. Fridd and company led the crowd though sing-along after sing-along. Songs about love and life’s simple pleasures whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

Going to a Terror Pigeon show isn’t about watching a band play live; it’s about strangers coming together to share an evening dancing, singing and reveling like there’s no tomorrow. For the mostly young crowd, the night was like a pagan ritual; a drum machine and synth-laden hipster version of Rites of Spring.

During the set, Fridd said they’ve had some bad experiences on the road recently and was very grateful to the Tampa crowd for showing up and getting down. By the end of the set, both the crowd and the band were sweaty and exhausted, but they all danced on together once Terror Pigeon was done and the house music came up.

-- Gabriel Loewenberg, tbt*. Get lots more Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt photos after the jump...

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