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Review and photos: Wild Splash 2010 brings Plies, B.O.B. and a half-naked Trina to Clearwater




(Click here for a full gallery of tbt* paparazzo Luis Santana's photos from Wild Splash 2010 in Clearwater.)

I couldn't tell who was responsible for the sold-out crowd -- was it the show being brought back to Coachman Park, or because it was probably the best weather day for an outdoor concert all year?

Either way, the park was packed for Wild Splash 2010 on Saturday in Clearwater -- tons of people there to see (in my opinion) a weak lineup. The show was completely sold out, and lots of people wanting to get in listened to the show from outside the gates.

I believe most of the people who were there came to see Plies, as about 90 percent of the people, in my estimation, stayed until the end to see Plies' performance. But more on that later.

Things that stuck out were ...

... Trina performing some of her classic songs as well as some new ones, but the most notable thing was her doing them half naked and with a huge ring on her finger ... engagement? not sure -- supposedly she is dating an NFL player.

... Someone who I'd never seen was B.O.B. -- he was really good as a rapper and great as a rocker! In the middle of his set, he had the DJ stop the music and he went into a freestyle rap. His freestyle ended with a full band totally rocking out! It was something I have never seen at a Wild Splash, and I really think he is one to watch. He did well doing both and had the crowd in awe.

... Damian Marley 's huge dreadlocks (above). Dude had the longest dreads I have ever seen!

... I think this is probably Plies' 234th appearance at a Wild 94.1-related show. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it seems like he is always doing a something with Wild. But as always, he did not let down the screaming crowd. People  really love Plies, and unlike other concerts, people didn't leave early to avoid the traffic. They stayed and watched his entire performance. Maybe it was because just a few months ago at Last Damn Show, he threw out $10,000 in $100 bills to the crowd. If that's not a way to get people to come to your show, then I don't know what is.

Plies didn't throw out any $100 bills this time, but he did make one woman  really happy. (Well, two women -- he had one woman come on stage and grab his crotch.) Plies spotted a woman holding up a sign that said "It's My Birthday." He invited her on the stage and asked her what she wanted for her birthday. She replied that she wanted a Nintendo DSi. He then pulled out a huge wad of cash and told her to take as much as she thought the game costed. She took the entire stack and put it in her pocket! Plies then replied, " Damn, I don't think a Nintendo game cost $10,000!" So I don't know how much he actually gave her, but it was a big wad of money and she looked really happy.

Another cool thing I saw was Plies' bling -- he had a fully functional handcuff bracelet with so many diamonds I couldn't look at it without sunglasses! Serious bling.

Also spotted backstage were Carlos Diaz from the show Extra hanging out with his girlfriend.

    -- Luis Santana, tbt*

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