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Review: Dynasty's dynamic, feel-good CD release party at New World Brewery

Go to local music shows often, and you get to know the different types.

The “friends of the band” show, where a few people show up to see their buds play and leave afterward. The show at a bar with a built-in crowd that pays little if no attention to who’s playing. And then there’s the rare night when a big crowd comes out to support an artist — like rapper Dynasty’s memorable CD release Saturday at New World Brewery.

Dynasty celebrated the release of her new mixtape, Dreampusher, an album of uplifting themes that punctuated a good-feeling night.

Her mixtape includes cocky rhymes, love songs and a cheeky how-to on approaching her in the club. It’s got a variety of moods and guests, and the overall message: Keep pushin’ for your dreams.

Ms. Dy exhibited her usual charm and self-possessed swagger as she performed tunes from her new CD. She had smooth, poetic flow delivered with a big smile that sweetened her style. She maintained energy and kept the crowd enthused throughout her entire set. She drew nearly all in attendance into the stage area, with folks spilling out the sides, sitting on top of benches and even standing on chairs. An outside observer might have thought she was a national headliner.

Local rapper/collaborator Laws made a guest appearance. The 2010 tbt* Ultimate Local Artist backed Dynasty on one tune and performed a solo of his hit, Hold You Down. He also appears on Dynasty’s mixtape.

The positity that permeated the Dy-namite evening felt refreshing from the point of view of a quasi-jaded music columnist. People smiled as they passed by, groups intermingled — no cliquish cattiness — and folks chatted cheerfully between sets. It was almost as if the audience forgot that the “feels like” temperature hovered around 100 in the New World patio.

Earlier, the crowd of stylish, diverse 20- to 30-somethings gathered under the awning and spilled out of the patio as Aych, Jinx, Mike Mass, Hop and Blue Legacy warmed them up for the anticipated headliner.

Each rapper’s rhymes reflected back the positivity of the crowd with straightforward, confident rhymes. Some might have gotten a little weary of what sometimes seemed like an onslaught of motivational speeches, but there were humorous, lighthearted breaks here and there. Aych, for instance, ridiculed the blingy types who “fake it to make it.”

Several linchpins in the local music community showed up for the occasion, including Gage and J-Sin of pop-hop duo the Basiqs, Kenny Pullin and Nikki Ferraro of D’Visitors, rapper Breakdown and Mugabe Tenn of Tribal Style, who brought a stage riser so the petite Ms. Dy could be visible to the packed audience.

If you’re familiar with any of the aforementioned musicians, you know that they all belong to the Gwan Massive collective of local musicians and supporters. Saturday night’s show was very much a Gwan night — a huge, friendly and good-looking turnout.

-- Julie Garisto, tbt*

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