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Review / photos: Antoine Dodson intrudes the Kennedy in Tampa




I have photographed celebrities, nightlife and music for about 7 years. Not that I would consider Antoine Dodson a celebrity, but he is what I like to call a “Person of Interest.”

Few celeb appearances have amused me more than Antoine Dodson coming to the Kennedy in South Tampa. You would think that the YouTube sensation has already used up his 15 minutes of fame, but people still love him, and packed the Kennedy to see him. Some took photos, some shot video from their cellphones and some even had Antoine autograph their arm.

Dodson — along with his assistant, club staff, promoters and a few others — entered the club while DJ Jaime Ferreira played the Bed Intruder Song in the background. From the moment Antoine walked in, he was taking photos with fans, people were going crazy ... it was a bit like when Vinny from Jersey Shore appeared at AJA Wiregrass. Just like Vinny, women where the ones wanting to get at him, even grabbing his butt and crotch while he posed for photos!

I think Antoine probably sat down for about 20 seconds the entire first hour he was there, and it was only for me to photograph him on the VIP section’s couch. After the posing for me he then resumed hamming it up with fans. He probably took more than 100 photos during the time he was there.


Other than the crowd reaction to him, the other thing that really surprised me was the amount of bling he had on. Take a look at his jewelry:


At about 2 a.m. he got on stage and “performed” his Bed Intruder Song with the crowd singing along and videoing the show on their cellphones.

So what does Antoine Dodson and posse do in Tampa after haging out at a club all night long? Nothing. I was told that after the club they went back to the hotel. No strip clubs, no Walmart, no Taco Bus.

-- Review / photos by Luis Santana, tbt*. Click here for a full gallery of photos from Antoine Dodson's trip to the Kennedy!

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