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Review / photos: Deftones are heavy but uneven at Ritz Ybor in Tampa




When I heard Deftones were coming to Tampa, I got excited. When I heard they were coming to the Ritz in Ybor City, I was floored!

I knew this show was going to be a packed house, and many locals in Tampa were even heading to Tuesday’s concert just to see Baroness. Either way, I knew this show was going to packed, and it seemed enough tickets just couldn’t be sold.

I’ve never been a diehard Deftones fan. I have always considered their music elementary when it came to the talent pool. They’re not bad musicians, but they just always seem to limit themselves to “just hard enough” to please the radio stations.

But to the Deftones extremists, who showed up in droves, they are gods. Once Baroness (a great opening act I would have loved to seen more of) pounded the stage, the Deftones emerged, and vocalist Chino Moreno appeared with a huge approval from the sweaty, impatient crowd.

Once the music began to flow, it seemed Moreno’s energy slowly flowed from stage as well. He seemed tired. He didn’t say much to the fans. He just seemed to want to do his job as a vocalist, eat a slice of Ybor pizza, and go to bed. Sure, he jumped around a tad and did the rock star parade thing at times, but the energy just wasn’t what I expected. It was average. The fans I spoke with agreed. Moreno put on an decent show, but they thought the Deftones would kill it.


The band’s new release Diamond Eyes is decent and has its heavy and melodic moments, and this show was similar in nature. Even the stage security seemed a little disappointed that crowd was so well-behaved. It seemed most of the excitement came when the fire marshal apparently showed up and some fans were blocked from entering the over-packed venue.

For those that have Chino Moreno posters on their bedroom doors, I am sure they got their money’s worth. It seemed, however, that most ticket buyers expected a parting gift to make up for the missing “element” that we call Heavy in the Tampa metal arena.

— Review/photos by Andrew Carlton, tbt*




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