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Review / photos: Justin Bieber (squeal!) plays the St. Pete Times (squeal!) Forum (squeal!)




"There's loud, and then there's the awesomely awesome noise made inside a sold-out St. Pete Times Forum on Sunday, when Justin Bieber, the hottest, cutest, scrawniest pop star on the planet, hosted a 95-minute eeeeek!-a-thon for 15,818 tweens, teens and, last but not shiest, grownup gals who'd love to pinch his cheeks and make him eat his Wheaties."

So writes Sean Daly in his review of Justin Beiber's Tampa concert Sunday. America's most popular little boy, and the Juice*y Person of the Year, stopped in Tampa for winter's most anticipated concert (even MTV was there!), and Sean says the atmosphere inside the Forum was as loud as it could get, nearly drowning out Bieber's, um, "singing":

Bieber can sing a bit, too, a Tiger Beat coo that flutters and sighs and breaks seventh-grade hearts in all the right places. It should be noted, however, that he wasn't doing a whole lot of that during the show's first two songs, Love Me and Bigger, which featured slick, gliding dance moves that were borrowed directly from the House of MJ, which would be dutifully repaid later with a weak but loving cover of Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'.... If the Biebz was dancing, that probably meant he wasn't "singing," if you catch my drift. And let's say there was a lot of dancing onstage.

Click here for the full review. And after the jump, get more of Luis Santana's photos of Justin Bieber in Tampa.

-- Photo: Luis Santana, tbt*





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