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Review / photos: Nasty Savage say farewell alongside metal legends at Crowbar in Ybor City


As the saying goes, all things must come to an end. Saturday was the evening that hometown favorites Nasty Savage played their last show ever. Crowbar in Ybor City packed in a standing-room-only crowd of longtime Tampa metalheads who were there not only to see one last performance, but to wish their longtime friends farewell.

Nasty Savage trace their routes back more than 30 years in Tampa, to the old Sunset Club and beyond. You probably know that Tampa was once the death metal capital of the world, and Nasty Savage was a key ingredient in forming that great reputation. In the crowd for their last show were members of many national and local acts: Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, Pete Sandoval of Morbid Angel, and all members of Obituary were present, among many others.

The show was the definition of nostalgia. Nasty Ronnie Galetti, Richard Bateman, David Austin, Curtis Beeson and Ben Meyer took the stage after many local metal acts warmed up. Televisions were stacked high, as the band’s well-known stage show was prepped and ready. This night was not about judging or receiving points for perfection. These guys only had a handful of short practice sessions to prepare for this show, and with Austin living in Tennessee, he didn’t even get to attend those.

When the music started, I was smashed to the front of the stage, doing my best to capture images of the show, while getting jostled around in a true stampede. XXX, Penetration Point, and all of the old favorites were played. As a tribute to the band, Obituary’s Trevor Peres joined the stage to jam, and as anticipated, Nasty Ronnie made mashed potatoes of three televisions. Ben Meyer and Dave Austin traded leads, and sounded great. The drums sounded perfect, and as usual, Curtis Beeson didn’t miss a beat.

Nasty Ronnie, who just turned 50, thanked everyone in the industry for supporting their musical venture, and also bashed a few people that got in their way.

This was a night to remember. We are going to miss these guys, but we hope to see them in the community. Ben Meyer plays regularly in Tampa with his acoustic act. Curtis Beeson, overcoming his brain tumor, continues his drumming. And Nasty Ronnie has been the voice of Born to Ride Television.

We wish them well, and thank them for the 30 years of true Tampa metal!












— Review / photos by Andrew Carlton, tbt*

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