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Review / photos: Peelander-Z go crazy at the new Orpheum in Ybor City




Tbt*'s intrepid photographer Luis Santana has seen some crazy things in his day -- heck, he shot Fetish Con this past weekend. So when he tweets, "Peelander Z now holds the spot of the craziest, most fun show ive shot! Flogging Molly is close second!" we take notice.

Santana and nightlife correspondent Justin Grant were at the Peelander-Z show on July 30 to review how the new Orpheum in Ybor City holds up as both a bar and a live concert venue. Here's Justin's full review. And as for Peelander-Z -- who also stole the show at Tropical Heatwave 2011 -- he writes:

I'd recommend that you find some videos of Peelander's live show online and see for yourself. To attempt to summarize a show involving a band clad in costumes straight out of a Japanese comic book engaged in live human bowling, songs about tacos and the prevalence of the name Mike, and a surreal, chaotic jam session with audience members banging pots and pans together and filling in on the band's instruments would be doing the whole thing a disservice.

True. But we're gonna try, at least in a visual way. After the jump, check out even more crazy photos of Peelander-Z at Orpheum.








Photos: Luis Santana, tbt*

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