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Review / photos: Taking Back Sunday rock the Ritz Ybor in Tampa




You may ask: What do hipsters, preppy college girls, and beer have in common?

Taking Back Sunday!

To my single guys out there, forget the dating websites and college keg parties. If you’re looking to meet ladies, just follow this tour and you are sure to meet a lady eventually. The guy to girl ratio was about 1 to 9!

My first thought as I entered the Ritz Ybor on Sunday was Cram cram cram, smush smush smush. Like sheep, everyone was herded into a sardine-packed house. The show was a slow seller, but eventually sold out. This was apparent by the sight of the wishful standing outside on Seventh Avenue asking for tickets. No luck, people. The tickets were gone.

In the early stages, It seemed everyone was just aggravated with the stuffed environment. Once the music started to play, however,hands were in the air, and bodies were jumping and heads were bobbing. Opening bands Colour Revolt and Thursday had bounds of energy.

Thursday opened their set with streamers exploding from the ceiling, catching the crowd (and photographers) off guard. Vocalist Geoff Rickly pounded the stage and threw the microphone around, turning it into a weapon any untrained ninja could use. Thursday introduced the crowd to their newest release, Devolucion, and it appeared to get an enormous welcome.

The latest rebirth of Taking Back Sunday has had people chewing their fingernails. The abstract lineup changes, the announcements that no changes will be made — it all has fans throwing out a big “Huh?” Their latest self-titled CD, with all original members, seemed to exude a “Thank you for staying with us,” from their fans. The line up consisted of Adam Lazzara on vocals, Shuan Cooper thumping the bass, Eddie Reyes on guitar, Mark O’Connell on drums, and John Nolan on guitar and keyboards.

If you love to sing in the shower, you would have loved this show. Everyone became a vocalist, and there were several songs where I could not hear Lazzara’s vocals because the crowd was singing so loud. I have to say, the earlier songs were appreciated more by the fans. When Lazzara yelled, “This is an older song!” the crowd went nuts. And while the newer songs were much appreciated, they just didn’t have the same punch as the old stuff.

The odd antics of the evening consisted of an unknown fan tossing a bag allegedly containing marijuana to Lazzara during an interlude. Lazzara passed it to the drummer and said, “We’ll find a good home for it.” Also, Lazzara jumped into the crowd and stationed himself at the main bar. After taking a shot Lazzara asked everyone to put down their cell phones and be a part of the show. They played an unplanned (not on the setlist) song, There’s No I in Team, while Lazzara was on top of the bar. The microphone cord was happily held by fans as Lazzara romped through the crowd, causing some anxiety for security and their stage manager.

To wrap up this 19-song set, the night ended with Your Own Disaster. The crowd stood for the encore, but unfortunately time was up. It was a great show and the crowd was relieved to exit The Ritz and cool down a smidge. It was a hot and muggy night, and everyone was drenched with sweat.

Check out Taking Back Sunday playing One Eighty here.

-- Review / photos by Andrew Carlton, tbt*

El Paso
Make Same Sure
Bike Scene
Error Operator
What’s it Feel Like to be a Ghost
A Decade Under Influence
Since Your Gone
Ghost Man on Third
No I in Team
This is All Now
Cute Without the “E”
Your Own Disaster









Some photos of Thursday:




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