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Review / photos: Two Door Cinema Club prove distant but likeable at the Ritz Ybor in Tampa


The last time I saw Two Door Cinema Club was at Crowbar in 2010. At that time, they had a decent behind-the-scenes following and put a good crowd in the venue. Almost two years later, they are gaining in strength, packing the Ritz Ybor.

What's interesting about bands gaining popularity is watching their new stage show and comparing their past and present. My previous experience with Two Door was much more personal -- not just because of the smaller venue, but because their show was more in touch with the audience. The attitude was, "Let's all get together and rock," as opposed to, "Hey, look at us while we rock," which was the show presented Wednesday night. See the difference?

For a band that formed in 2007, Two Door has been very fortunate to gain success in such a rapid manner. And deservingly so. Everyone loves their feel-good, upbeat style. Members Alex Trimble (vocals/guitar), Sam Halliday (guitar), and Kevin Baird (bass guitar) have a hometown good-boy look and style that cleanses your thoughts. You just have to like them.

The show at the Ritz Wednesday was great, musically. The sound was perfect. The energy was overboard with college-aged girls belting out decibal-busting screams to the stage (and spilling their beer on my shoes). Two Door played their music and fans loved it, but they just didn't connect with the crowd. They played song after song, and just didn't do much verbalizing or "getting acquainted" with their fan base.

For the amount of people that bought tickets and supported their show, it was unfortunate to witness such a cold and empersonable stage show. Maybe I'm the only person in the venue that cared. And maybe I'm just that cynical to point it out. But unless you are a hand-picked boy band, all musicians start at the bottom. Two Door has accomplished in five years what many bands have been seeking for decades -- to tour and get a label to back them. None of that would be possible without your audience, so respect them. Seems simple enough.







-- Andrew Carlton, tbt*

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