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Review/photos: Wild Splash 2012 brings DMX, Machine Gun Kelly, Waka Flocka Flame to Coachman Park in Clearwater




Despite the lineup not being as star-studded as years past, Wild Splash 2012 was a sold out show, and people really looked forward to seeing DMX, Waka Flocka Flame, Wale, Machine Gun Kelly and more.

There was a guy backstage trying to promote his shirt company as well as selling cellphone handsets, which is apparently the new hot accessory for cellphones. Basically it’s an old-school handset that plugs into your phone’s earphone jack. The guy had a duffle bag full of them selling them for as high as $40 a pop. However he did give certain artists freebies. I saw about a dozen people walking around backstage with them. For the record I think they look ridiculous! Here's Famous Kid Brick with one:


I spotted comedian John Witherspoon, a.k.a. “Pops,” backstage hanging out with artists and grabbing some catered BBQ. He was very friendly and took photos with lots of people backstage. He got on stage, said a few one liners and danced with the Club Skye dancers. The crowd really seemed to like him.


Machine Gun Kelly did not disappoint. This guy was crazy! I think he topped the scale for the craziest Wild Splash performance in my memory. His high-energy performance had him all over the stage, in the crowd and even at one point on top of the lighting trusses! After climbing on top of speakers, he decided to jump onto the structure holding up the stage and went to the very top! At one point it looked like he was gonna jump -- we all gasped! But he then climbed down and resumed the song.






Another cool thing about MGK was he actually watched pretty much every performance from backstage, showing respect to the artists that were performing. He was also very friendly with fans. He even performed songs with Waka Flocka Flame and DMX, who said that out of all the new rappersn MGK is one that he “F---s with” which I thought was interesting.

Which brings me to DMX. First of all, he actually showed up, and he showed up early! Now, I have never seen him perform, so I had nothing to compare it to, but he really rocked the show. He looked healthy, didn’t appear drunk or high and really rocked the stage. People loved it.








One funny thing was in the middle of his set he spotted a little boy who was about 11 years old in the front row. He commented on how he kept throwing up the X the entire performance and wanted to bring him up on stage. The little boy refused because he lost his sister. DMX then stopped the show, got the camera guy to put the boys face on the big screen and told his sister to come to the front of the stage! She was spotted and reunited with her brother in the front row ... and DMX resumed the show. He sang his hits and said that he has written two albums that are yet to be released. Then he ended Wild Splash 2012 with a prayer and words of wisdom. Pretty cool.

-- Review/photos by Luis Santana, tbt*. Click here for a full photo gallery from Wild Splash.







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