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After Michael Jackson died in 2009, Tampa's Jillian Serra decided to pay tribute to the King of Pop in the most permanent way possible: A Thriller tattoo that took up most of her thigh.

"If you can't find a groove in his music, then you're no good," she said.

Naturally, Serra's not alone. The web is full of galleries devoted to band tattoos. If you love a band, and know that you always will, why not get a tribute permanently imprinted on your skin? (Well, unless you're talking about a full-back Adam Duritz tattoo, of course. There's no justification for that.)

This is where you come in. Tbt* is working on an upcoming story about tattoos, and we want to hear about your music-related body art, whether it's a tat of your favorite band's logo, a line from your favorite song or even your own band's name or logo. We know some of you out there have great band tattoos -- why not show them off?

So send a picture of your musical tat, along with a description and why you got it, to [email protected]. If it's awesome enough, we'll publish it in an upcoming issue of tbt*.

And if you're the proud owner of this Kevin Richardson tattoo, please call us. We're worried.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

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