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Tampa bands flutter to Twitter




Everyone's got an opinion on Twitter. Some like it, some don't. Either way, a lot of people are starting to use it -- including a handful of Tampa Bay bands.

Here are five local artists we found on Twitter, as well as a sample Tweet from each. If your band is on Twitter, too, tell us about it -- we'll update this list, and we'll follow what you're doing.

-- Shock-rockers the Genitorturers (above): "watching for 1st time a travesty called american idol, secure that my life has been better for not experiencing this horrorshow thus prior!"

-- Pop-punks The Woodwork: "acoustic-ifying our songs for the 25th! so stoked to see all you guys!"

-- Ultimate Local Band candidates Select Start: "our CD "<3" (pronounced less than three) is now available at! help us out and pick it up! love ya."

-- Grunge group Falling Awake: "listening to "Bitch" by Sevendust, and gettin my ass stomped at Tiger Woods Golf.. ~Gomez"

-- Nerdcore rapper funky49: "warning people! too much pepper relish in your tunafish causes your GI tract to blow up and Im not talkin bout soldiers"

UPDATE: We've gotten a few suggestions, which I'll post after the jump...

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