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What's the rudest concert behavior you've ever seen?



I'm a tall guy, about 6-foot-3, 6-foot-4. You've probably seen the back of my head at a lot of concerts. Some of you -- shorter women, mainly -- have probably even asked if you can get in front of me so you can see the stage.

This drives me crazy. I mean, I get it, I'm a veritable mountain of a man, but still, why does every lady under 5-foot-whatever automatically assume it's cool to ask if she can just squeeze in front of me so she can see the stage better? It sucks. It is, dare I say it, RUDE.

Rude concert behavior is something we talk about from time to time here at SoundcheckCorp. Remember that John Mellencamp show at Ruth Eckerd Hall where the crowd started acting like drunken asshats? Or the Flight of the Conchords show where the audience shouted so much at the stage it caused Bret and Jemaine to lose their place during Carol Brown? Fans who engage in this type of behavior are COMMON DOGS.

Next week in tbt* and the Tampa Bay Times section, we'll be tackling the topic of rude behavior at concerts, restaurants and other public spaces. And that's where you come in. We want to know: What sort of rude, terrible, disgusting antics have you witnessed at concerts? I'm thinking stuff like:

-- That guy who leaves between sets for a cig and a beer, then comes back right before the headliner goes on and assumes it's cool if he can just shove his way back to where he was before

-- That "I'm holding this space for seven of my friends" guy

-- That woman who brings a 10-gallon handbag which ends up hitting everyone in the crowd

-- That guy who thinks every show, including Hall & Oates, should have a circle pit

-- That guy who holds a camera up for 90 percent of the show (I confess, I'm kind of That Guy)

-- Every raver ever

So please, head to the Twitters and tweet us your answer. Tweet to @TB_Times with your gripe, then add the hashtag #howrudetampabay. Or check us out on Facebook. Or just click here -- you'll find everything you need. We'll publish some of the best responses next week.

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

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