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Wild 94.1's Orlando Davis heading to Haiti to report, aid Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti foundation



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Fans of Wild 94.1's Orlando and the Freak Show have probably heard host Orlando Davis talk about his friendship with Wyclef Jean. So it should come as no surprise that Davis will travel to Haiti on Tuesday to report on the earthquake's aftermath and help Wyclef's Yele Haiti foundation however he can.

Davis, who is also the radio station's program director, arranged his trip with the help of MacDill Air Force Base. Starting Tuesday at 5 a.m., he'll take a military flight from Orlando to Charleston, then directly into Port-au-Prince. He'll return to Tampa on Friday.

During his visit, Davis will call in reports to at least 22 of the 140 CBS Radio stations across the United Stations, including WLLD-FM 94.1 and the New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Washington D.C. markets. 

"We can get a unique perspective from somebody like me," said Davis, who plans to bring the perspective of a regular person, as opposed to an unaffected news reporter. He'll also upload video reports online.

Davis has been to Haiti on a cruise and had been planning a return trip to work with Wyclef's foundation before the earthquake.

Davis met the musician about 10 years ago, when Clef invited a handful of radio program directors to hear an early cut of his 2000 album The Ecleftic.

"I gave him some suggestions, and he laughed. We joked about them, but he (took) them," Davis said. "We just became tight after that, and he took me to London for the Prince's Trust concert." They have remained friends, with Clef performing concerts in Tampa Bay over the years.

"Anything Clef does, he's my brother, so I'm fully committed to helping him -- especially because I know all of his efforts aren't in vain since it's his homeland," Davis said.

Davis is the only CBS Radio reporter traveling to Haiti, he said. He'll stay in CBS News's compound of tents near the Port-au-Prince airport. 

"They do have a hotel. I think I probably would side with the Haitian people and say I'm not too comfortable being inside, because if an aftershock does come, I don't think that I would make it," Davis said. "Those little people under the rubble -- you see the girls coming out unscathed; that's because they were so thin. I'm big. If that rubble comes down, it's going to touch me in all kinds of places. So how about I just stay in a tent and hunker down on a cot? It's comfortable, but trust me, it's not the Four Seasons."

Davis said he hopes his trip will inspire others to help the earthquake victims and to keep their problems in perspective.

"I'm going to get the opportunity to do something that probably is going to change me when I come back here," he said. "I think people need to take part in that so we can move forward and kind of grow up."

Follow Davis's reports at or on Twitter @iamorlando.

-- Dalia Colon, tbt*. Photo courtesy of Orlando Davis. Longtime friends Orlando Davis, right, and Wyclef Jean pose at a pre-Grammy party thrown by legendary producer Clive Davis in February 2008. Not only does Orlando Davis have on Tommy Hilfiger, but there's the real Hilfiger over his shoulder in case a thread comes loose!

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