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The women of Warped: The Millionaires




(With the Vans Warped Tour coming to St. Petersburg's Vinoy Park on July 26, we're spending this week getting to know some of the women on punk's most pop-friendly summer tour. Today: Eletctro trash-pop pranksters the Millionaires.)

Age: Melissa Marie Green, 20; Allison Green, 17; Dani Artaud, 21.

Hometown: Los Angeles

Their sound: Trashy electro pop-rap that sounds like Tila Tequila imitating old-school Beastie Boys.

Most recent album: An EP, Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, that came out in June. They’re hopeful their full-length debut will come out in early 2010.

You’ll dig them if you also like: Yo Majesty, Lady Gaga, Northern State, Chromeo, Kid Sister

Their story: Sisters Melissa and Allison Green were just teens when they dived into GarageBand and produced a handful of catchy, foulmouthed, semi-satirical hip-hop songs about alcohol, sex and money. Let’s just say Disney didn’t exactly come calling.

But after a string of sold-out tour dates, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz took notice — the Millionaires’ latest EP, Just Got Paid, Let’s Get Laid, was just released on his Decaydence label.

The Millionaires have come to be defined by their stage persona — a trio of slutty party girls who only care about where their next Bacardi shots are coming from — and considering the Green sisters are both underage, that’s led to a predictable cavalcade of criticism.

"We’re the first underaged girls to say anything that we want and get away with it," Melissa says. "If we were to change, we would just blend in with every other pop artist. We’re doing something different, and that’s why we’re getting so much attention."

In reality, Melissa says, the Millionaires are nothing like their stage personas suggest — in fact, Allison studies graphic design at Cal State-Fullerton, and Melissa is a math major at Long Beach State who says she someday wants to be a math teacher or an accountant. And on a day off from the tour this week in Boston, the last thing on Melissa’s mind was partying.

"We just haven’t had the time to do any laundry, so I’m pretty much going to take the time to wash all my clothes today," she said. Party on.

Haters to the left: In a review this week, the New York Times said the Millionaires’ "committed, dim music suggests an anime porn soundtrack," and noted that other Warped bands, such as like Vanna and Kelsey and the Chaos!, have ripped the Millionaires from the stage. Some fans have even thrown bottles. But Melissa is quick to note the trio has won several fans in other bands, including Anti-Flag, A Day to Remember and 3OH!3.

"What we are magnifying are just our fun times, what we like to hear when we are hanging out on a Friday night," Melissa said. "We know what we’re singing about. We know it’s controversial. But it’s controversy that sells. And we have the skin to deal with it. We honestly have heard every horrible thing you can hear, and nothing affects us anymore."

If she could spend an hour one-on-one with any musician, it would be ... "My sister is a huge Britney Spears fan, so I think Britney Spears would be amazing. Or Lil Wayne, I think, would be crazy to talk to. Or Eminem, even. I would have so many different questions, especially being so new and thrown into this music business — just to see how they live their lives on a day-to-day basis. It would be crazy to talk to each one of them like that."

-- Jay Cridlin, tbt*

[Last modified: Friday, July 24, 2009 10:00am]


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