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NOFX 's 'Fat Mike' Burkett talks about the band's new memoir, new music, topping 'The Dirt' and more


Ben Garcia




If you know anything about NOFX — or if you've only seen the title and grossout cartoon cover of their new memoir, NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories — you might expect it to be full of antagonistic, puerile humor, with doses of commentary about the corporatization of punk rock.

What you might not expect is a harrowing memoir that makes their 33-year music odyssey sound like hell on earth. The band swaps stories about the frighteningly destructive scene that spawned and sustained them. The Hepatitis Bathtub is peopled with lunatics, sociopaths, addicts and loved ones who couldn't escape the punk abyss, with the band struggling to survive dark turns ranging from drug abuse to counterfeiting to disastrous investments to friends' deaths to, um, matricide (allegedly).

"Everyone in the band really gave it all up," said singer and bassist "Fat Mike" Burkett, noting that band members got paid by the page — the more dirt you spill, the bigger your paycheck. "None of us knew a lot of this stuff about each other. And once we started to give it up, everyone gave up their really private, personal stuff, their worst stories. It's not the book people expect."

NOFX will appear at a book signing on April 21 at Inkwood Books in Tampa; click here for details. Then they'll perform at the Ritz Ybor that night. Click here for details.

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