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The top 10 Tampa music stories of 2013, No. 6: 'Spring Breakers' shows off all our s---



It was the film on every hipster’s candy-colored lips: Spring Breakers, which was filmed in St. Petersburg in 2012 but finally saw release in March of this year.

The fact that Spring Breakers was such a pop-cultural touchstone this year wasn’t exactly a music story, per se, but music played a huge role in every facet of the film, from its stars (Gucci Mane and Selena Gomez, who both returned to Tampa Bay for concerts later in the year) to its soundtrack (produced by Skrillex).

And then, of course, there was St. Pete rapper Russ Curry, a.k.a. Dangeruss, upon whom James Franco reportedly based his acclaimed, gonzo performance as Alien. Dangeruss and Franco must have hit it off on set, because Franco ended up directing the rapper’s video for Hanging Wit Da Dopeboys (the actor and rapper actually perform the song together in the film).

“He actually flew me out to L.A. after we did the movie just on the personal strength that he felt like he liked me, and that I had a talent for music," Dangeruss said. "And that was a separate project from the movie! So I love James. I just talked to him the other day. He says he got other stuff in store for me, so we’ll see what happens, where that goes.”

It may not be the breakout Tampa Bay music fans have always hoped for. But it was one we’ll never forget.

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