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This week in Tampa: Modest Mouse, Brand New, Everclear, Sugar Ray and more

Brand New

A.K. Lacey

Brand New

This weekend brings what might be your final chance to see Brand New in concert. The Long Island alt-rockers have announced plans to break up after their current co-headlining tour with Modest Mouse, which hits Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre on Saturday.

"We're done," frontman Jesse Lacey said during a recent show. 'Oh yeah, we're done, and it makes nights like this all the more special so thanks for being here."

Here to walk you through all the rest of this week's concerts -- including the Summerland Tour with Everclear, Sugar Ray, Sponge and Lit; as well as shows by Aesop Rock, Austin Lucas, Firefall, Poco, Flag, Cave of Swimmers, Above and Beyond, Vinai and more -- are Jay Cridlin and Ray Roa...

Modest Mouse and Brand New
SATURDAY 7 p.m. MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre, 4802 U.S. 301 N, Tampa. $25.95 and up. (813) 740-2446.
The summer tour pairing Modest Mouse and Brand New marks a rare crossing of indie rock paths. In one lane you have Modest Mouse, the beloved Washington alt-rockers outfit who’ve maned to Float On across America for 20 years now. Not much more than a year ago, we were still wondering if Isaac Brock and company would ever release new music, much less play Tampa again. But then they headlined (and sold out) the Gasparilla Music Festival and dropped sixth album Strangers to Ourselves, all in the span of a week. For Modest Mouse, the rambunctious album and ensuing tour suggested a band reinvigorated. Then you have Brand New, a band with no Float On-sized hits but an even more rabid following (their 2014 concert at Jannus Live sold out in under an hour). They, too, are in the midst of a lengthy album hiatus — it’s been seven years since 2009’s ferocious Daisy — though they have sated fans with thrashing, gnashing singles like I Am a Nightmare. But they might be running out of time: Frontman Jesse Lacey has hinted the band isn’t long for this earth, and the band recently started selling T-shirts reading “Brand New: 2000-2018). Considering the rarity of seeing both Modest Mouse and Brand New live in Florida, it’s no wonder their concert is turning out to be one of the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre’s sleeper sellers this summer. Who knows if we’ll ever see them here again?
Summerland Tour
With Everclear, Sugar Ray, Sponge, Lit
WEDNESDAY 6:30 p.m. R.O.C. Park, 300 Municipal Drive, Madeira Beach. $14.95 and up.
Looks like Art Alexakis and Mark McGrath have patched things up. A few years ago, the frontmen for Everclear and Sugar Ray had a falling out over the direction of the ’90s nostalgia tour they co-founded, Summerland. The gist, according to Alexakis: He thought Everclear should keep touring behind new music, while McGrath was happy to shut up and play the hits. Well, time (and cash) heal a lot of old wounds, and with late-’90s nostalgia at an all-time high, it’s time to get the bands back together again … sort of. Only a few core members remain of Everclear, Sugar Ray and Sponge combined; the rest joined this millennium. (Lit, on the other hand, has mostly stayed intact all these years, only replacing late drummer Allen Shellenberger in 2009.) But no matter who’s playing, hearing all those hits (Santa Monica! Fly! Plowed! My Own Worst Enemy!) will instantly take you right back to the era of Simpson and Lewinsky. Incidentally, the show will mark the first major concert at R.O.C. Park, 300 Municipal Drive in Madeira Beach, since a handful of rain-soaked events last year. While the city itself isn’t producing or promoting the show, Doug Andrews, the city’s director of parks and recreation, said things should run much more smoothly this year. In addition to more parking ($15) adjacent to the park, the city will have a water taxi shuttling fans between the park and parking ($10) at Madeira Beach Municipal Marina, 503 150th Ave.

Austin Lucas
With Matt Woods, Will Quinlan
SATURDAY 8 p.m. New World Brewery, 1313 E Eighth Ave., Ybor City. $10. (813) 248-4969.
As you’re picking your country music savior du jour — Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell — why not consider Austin Lucas? The Indiana native brings tatted-up punk authenticity and confessionalism to barroom twang on his new album Between the Moon and the Midwest. As you might guess from the title and the album’s mournful pedal steel, Lucas is part of the proud lineage of what’s known as “cosmic American music,” a spacey mélange of country, folk and rock popularized by Gram Parsons and continued by artists like the Flying Burrito Bros., the Jayhawks and Wilco. If it’s a honkey-tonk cosmonaut you’re looking for, Lucas is your guy.

Aesop Rock
With Homeboy Sandman, Rob Sonic, DJ Zone
FRIDAY 8 p.m. State Theatre, 687 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $19. (727) 895-3045.
Kinda shameful that the first line of Aesop Rock’s Wikipedia profile is “Not to be confused with A$AP Rocky.” The man born Ian Bavitz has been rapping a decade longer than the chart-topper who kinda ripped his handle — not that he’s let the slight slow him down. After 20 years spitting dense, peculiar but almost always arresting lyrics to a mostly underground fan base, he recently made his network TV debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, backed by indie rockers Yo La Tengo. The appearance came in support of his acclaimed, confessional new album The Impossible Kid, and so does a tour that’ll bring him to the State Theatre on Friday, accompanied by fellow indie hip-hop heroes Homeboy Sandman, Rob Sonic and DJ Zone.

FRIDAY 8:30 p.m.  The Ale and The Witch, 111 Second Ave. NE, St. Petersburg. Free. (727) 821-2533.
As speculation about the sale of downtown St. Pete’s Plaza Tower and Courtyard Shops swirls, The Ale and The Witch continues to offer consistently great ways for fans of live music to remind themselves to chill out. On Friday, The ’Burg’s own Mark Etherington brings his RedFeather project to the patio for a night of eerie, psyched-out folk that will have the 28-year-old songwriter’s trademark coo bouncing off of the Courtyard Shops’ walls. The band is fresh off an appearance at the Orange Blossom Jamboree, and a brand new EP (Moon, released in March) swirls, howls and sings like Space Oddity-era Bowie took an acid trip down the Pacific Coast Highway with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Cave of Swimmers
With Gravespeed, Frostfang
FRIDAY 9 p.m. The Loft, 2036 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $5-$10.
The mantra of “get the band in a van” seems to be getting adopted by so many of the Sunshine State’s most ambitious outfits these days. St. Pete is lucky enough to catch one of these misguided collectives before it makes a break for the West Coast. Miami’s Cave of Swimmers formed out of the bond between two Venezuelan school buddies whose polished, ear-shredding brand of progressive metal is kind of a gateway to the heavier sides of rock. The solos teeter between video-game perfection and Icelandic epic-ness. All of it — especially The Prince of the Power of the Air — is brushed with enough System of a Down to make it accessible to the simplest curious. The opportunity to get acquainted to it all in one of St. Pete’s more unique rooms is just icing on the cake.

With War on Women, The Dirty Nil
SUNDAY 7 p.m. State Theatre, 687 Central Ave., St. Petersburg. $24. (727) 895-3045. 
Would it be wrong to go out on a Sunday to ignore decades of punk history? Would it be inappropriate to buck elder statesman of rebellion (sorry, “Flag”) in lieu of some young Ontario punk (Luke Bentham) who possesses one of the most compelling deliveries in modern rock? Who knows, but if you go out early and happen to catch The Dirty Nil work through Wrestle Yü to Husker Dü, then you can rest assured you’re in the right place. We can bow down to the old gods of punk all we want, but if we forget to latch on to the ones bringing the genre to new and different places, then our hearts are misguided anyway.

Wine & Rhyme
With MC Kenna, Craig Til, Joshua Cruz, Neil Edward, Cam Bertrand
MONDAY 9 p.m. Anise Global Gastrobar, 777 N Ashley Drive, Tampa. Free. (813) 225-4272. 
These days there are no shortages of opportunities to see Mike Mass play a show. The Tampa MC is not quite a commodity, but on his best days he pretty much is guaranteed to be the name on the bill that turns the most heads thanks to his unique delivery and sharp, witty lyrics. That’s why it’s crazy to watch him curate shows, too. His Wine & Rhyme monthly bounced around venues in the past, and now it seems to have found a home at Anise, a downtown Tampa lounge that’s the perfect setting to watch Mass’ hand-picked mix of comedians, rappers, singers and jazz players. Mondays aren’t the most ideal nights to go out on the town, but you’d be missing out on the best of what’s next if you aren’t at these.

Lance Bangs
With Sports Coach, Donna Lu
WEDNESDAY 10 p.m. The Bends, 919 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg. Free. (727) 202-8931. 
Just to be clear, this isn’t an appearance from Lance Bangs the filmmaker and acclaimed music-video director. Not a problem, though, because what this hump-day treat actually entails is a set from a Richmond, Va., band that arrives in St. Pete wielding a brand new single — #1 single — that is presumably part of their even newer EP set for release on Danger Collective Records. The boys are on tour with Sports Coach, a Boston, Mass., one-man show where J. Thatcher May tosses out spiraling, lo-fi, ironic, made-for- millennials pop music that is biting, hilarious and strangely uplifting at the same time. Local label Blind Not Deaf is curating this show, and the hometown is represented by Tampa dreamboats Donna Lu.

With Cyanotic, Iszoloscope
THURSDAY 7 p.m. Orpheum, 1915 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. $15-$20. (813) 248-9500. 
EBM (or electronic body music for the uninitiated) is the bald-headed, leather-wearing cousin of electronic dance music, and now it’s coming to Ybor City. The man responsible for it is Scott Fox, the frontman for Edmonton’s iVardensphere. Theband is still supporting The Methuselah Tree, its 2013 album that boasts Mother of Crows, a single nominated for DJ/Electronic Recording of the Year at the 2014 Edmonton Music Awards. iVardensphere dutifully marries the worlds of trance, world music and industrial in fantastically operatic fashion, so expect to get your ears and eyes treated to a feast.

Kansas Bible Company
THURSDAY 8 p.m. Dunedin Brewery, 937 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin. Free. (727) 736-0606. 
Less than 10 weeks after playing WMNF Community Radio’s annual Tropical Heatwave, Kansas City Bible Company returns to reunite with fans both old and new. The collective, despite the moniker, hails from Nashville and its sound — a particularly inspired and sexy brand of psychedelic rock ’n’ roll — is big and buoyed by a healthy horn section that doesn’t always fit on stage. KBCo. have been known to even put personnel on top of speakers. They won’t have to worry about room at this one, though, because  Dunedin Brewery offers a large area to spread out and slather selections from a 2014 studio album, Dads Day, all over the place.

SUNDAY 7 p.m. The Capitol Theatre, 405 Cleveland St., Clearwater. $49.50-$65.50. (727) 791-7400. 
You know that feeling where you know you’re in 2016, but feel like you’re in your weird uncle’s Eldorado? Firefall (photo above, group of five at left.) are responsible for that. The Boulder, Colo., outfit identify in the country and pop category, but actually live in the soft-rock realm, and that’s not a bad thing. Songs like Just Remember and You Are the Woman are all kinds of cheesy, but the latter cracked the top ten of the Billboard charts. While the bulk of what they do is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of, songs like Cinderella — with its careful harmony and solid guitar work — are enough to make us go out on a Sunday and seek out more. POCO (group at right), which originated from the ashes of Buffalo Springfield, deserve to headline this show, but it won’t matter because all of the crowd will, rightfully, be singing the band’s classics anyway.

Also Playing

Radon, Fri. With Sandspur City, Claymonster, Low Season. 9 p.m. The Bends, 919 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg. $5. (727) 202-8931.

Up The Ante Music Series, Fri . With Mike Mass, Hagan Lee, Brilly Asher, Mowglii, Kris Harden, Cano, Shinobi Stalin. 8 p.m. Fubar, 658 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg. $5. (727) 424-1809.

The Bricks & SPoT Ybor 6-Year Anniversary, Sat. With Sentries, Brother Cephus, Gat & Chris, Tony Hands, Betty Dawl, Louis Jr. Mike Mass, Wally Clark, Crate Bros. QPhunk. 5 p.m. The Bricks of Ybor, 1327 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City. Donations Accepted. (813) 247-1785.

Ari and the Alibis, Fri. With Holey Miss Moley. 8 p.m. Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa. $7-$10. (813) 971-0666.

Brad Noblitt, Fri. 8 p.m. The Hideaway Café, 1756 Central Avenue, St Petersburg. $5. (727) 644-7895.

The Skarz, Fri. With Stone Bone, American Fix, Murder The Crow. 7 p.m. The Local 662, 662 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg. $7-$10. (727) 258-4829.

 FTS, Sat. With Menudo Death Squad, Kuraishi, Skum of the Slum, The Prople. 8 p.m. The Venture Compound, 2621 Fairfield Avenue S, St. Petersburg. $8. (901) 619-1519.

Raphuemet’s Wall, Sat. With Enthean, Beerwolf, Hell’s Fauna, Alien Tape Recorder. 9 p.m. The Brass Mug, 1450 Skipper Road, Tampa. $5-$7. (813) 972-8152.

WMNF Presents: The Final Edition — Tribbers Appreciation Day, Sun. With Johnny G Lyon, The Vodkanauts, Acme Jazz Garage. 5 p.m. Skipper’s Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Road, Tampa. $10 (Free for Tribbers). (813) 971-0666.

Vinai Sun. With Lodato. 2 p.m. Shephard's Beach Resort, 619 S Gulfview Blvd., Clearwater Beach. $7. (727) 442-5107.

Chamomile & Whiskey, Sun. 6:30 p.m. The Independent, 5020 N Florida Avenue, Tampa, Free. (813) 341-4883.

Above & Beyond Sun. Noon. Beach Bar, 7700 W Courtney Campbell Causeway, Tampa. $40 and up.

Folk and Noise Night, Sun. With Dylan Tietze, Charlie Shuck, Zac Vann, Whitey Alabastard, Mingus Kingus. 8 p.m. The Venture Compound, 2621 Fairfield Avenue S, St. Petersburg. $6.(901) 619-1519.

DJ Day, Sun. With DJ Casper, DJ Lesage. 10 p.m. Ol’ Dirty Sundays at Crowbar, 1812 N 17th St., Ybor City. Free. (813) 241-8600.

Jeff Caudill, Wed. With Russ Van Cleave. 7 p.m. New World Brewery, 1313 E Eighth Ave., Ybor City. Free. (813) 248-4969.

-- Jay Cridlin and Ray Roa

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