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Weezy Week: Tampa Bay radio stars Orlando and Anjali “Queen B” McGuire share Lil Wayne stories



(All week, Soundcheck is paying tribute to the unusual life and career of Lil Wayne with a series of features we’re calling Weezy Week.)

To celebrate Weezy Week in Tampa Bay, we asked a handful of local personalities to share their memories of and experiences with Lil Wayne.

You've already heard from Rays pitcher David Price and the Skatepark of Tampa's Brian Schaefer. Today we're sharing a couple of anecdotes from radio personalities Orlando Davis of Wild 94.1, above, and Anjali "Queen B" McGuire of 95.7 the Beat. Take it away, guys...

Anjali “Queen B” McGuire
Afternoon DJ, 95.7 The Beat

I’ve been following him since he was 15, when he first started with Cash Money. I loved his voice; I thought, he’s awfully slick in the lips to be so young and talking like that. So I’ve always enjoyed him. But when he would call himself a Martian, that about sums it up, because he’s weird in a fantastic way.

I used to work in Minneapolis before they bought me here, and we had a show at the Target Center, where the Timberwolves play. A friend that was doing the show, a promoter, invited me to come and sit on the stage. Literally right before he went onstage, he passed me, and he just turned around and said, “Hey, sexy.” I looked and I was like, “Me?!” We just caught eyes, he gave me a “Hey sexy,” and I was like, Oh my god ... he spoke to me!

Orlando Davis
Program director/morning host, Orlando and the Freakshow, Wild 94.1

We were at the VMAs, and he sat down at the table; we had a really good interview. He was like, “Man, I love Tampa!” And he reminded me — because I had heard this story, but (didn’t believe it) until I heard it from his mouth — “I got shot in Tampa!”

I’m like, what?

It was at Club XS. Club XS is not there anymore, but it was formerly right across from the Tampa Convention Center, right before you go over to Harbour Island. We used to be there every Friday night.

He said, “I remember we did a show there. I was giving some girl some attention, and she wanted to get on the bus.” Nobody would let her on the bus. They were like, “Nah, we can’t hear you!” She was like, “Get Wayne!”

Wayne came over to the bus door but wouldn’t open the door, and was acting like he couldn’t hear. And apparently this chick brandishes a .22, and shoots it through the door, and it hits him, and they pull off, and they go get him done up. He showed me this scab, and he was like, “This is where I was shot in Tampa.”

I had heard something like that, but I didn’t think it was true, because there was no fallout, there was no police, there was nothing. She left, he left. But she shot him because she couldn’t become a concubine on the bus.

I'm like: Welcome to Tampa.

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