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'... for the state to kill graying convicts ...'

Staying in Starke, or at least generally within the subject matter for which the small North Florida city is pretty much synonymous, here's the Supreme Court exchange from earlier this week that The Economist chose to highlight:

JUSTICE BREYER: …[T]his man has been on death row for over 35 years, I take it?

MR. WINSOR: Yes, sir. 1978 was the ­­-- was the --­­ was the act.

JUSTICE SCALIA: How has it gone on this long? 1978 is when he killed this woman.

MR. WINSOR: There have been a number of appeals in this case. There have been a number of issues raised, and there was a --­­ but yes, there is --

JUSTICE KENNEDY: The -- ­­ the last ten people Florida has executed have spent an average of 24.9 years on death row. Do you think that that is consistent with the purposes of the death penalty, and is --­­ is it consistent with sound administration of the justice system?

MR. WINSOR: Well, I certainly think it's consistent with the Constitution, and I think that there are obvious ­­--

JUSTICE KENNEDY: That wasn't my question.

MR. WINSOR: Oh, I'm sorry, I apologise.

JUSTICE KENNEDY: Is it consistent with the ­­-- with the purposes that the death penalty is designed to serve, and is it consistent with an orderly administration of justice?

MR. WINSOR: It's consistent with the ­­-- with the ­­--


MR. WINSOR: It is consistent with the purposes of the death penalty certainly.

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