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Florida's largest city in 1884.

Florida's largest city in 1884.



Know what's super cool? These are super cool.

Florida Verve via the Times' Craig Pittman: The panoramic map, or bird's-eye view, was one of the most popular forms of cartography in the United States during the late nineteenth century. Panoramas adorned the walls of homes, and politicians used the maps to promote the prosperity of their respective cities.

Interesting, too, considering the last post, these words of Michael Gannon: As the change of centuries drew near, Floridians took understandable pride in the growth and development that had taken place. It was clear that Florida's economic position was different from that of her sister states from the old Confederacy. Though once an emerging cotton state, after the war Florida had moved away from cotton, and her population, predominantly southern in origin, became engaged in different activities: timber, cattle, citrus, winter vegetables, and tourism.

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