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A group called Home Run Pinellas wants you to go to more Rays games so the team might have more reason to stay in St. Pete

St. Pete and the Trop.


St. Pete and the Trop.



From John Romano's column in today's paper, here's a quote from author, baseball fan and St. Pete resident Peter Golenbock:

"A lot of fans seem to be happy watching on TV. My argument to them is that at some point you're not going to have a team to watch if things don't get straightened out."

Thing is, the Charlotte Rays, the Portland Rays, the Las Vegas Rays, the San Antonio Rays -- they could be watched on TV, too, right?

Also, and more importantly, St. Pete built on spec a facility that was obsolete almost immediately, and Major League Baseball put a team in a market that due to its fractured topography is effectively much smaller than its apparent statistical size.

And the Rays finally got good after being so bad at a time that uncannily coincided with an economic crash that was really only the most noticeable dip in a downturn that's been going on for more than 30 years -- 30 years, by the way, in which one of the few groups of workers who've seen their wages go not only up but crazily up are professional athletes and billions of dollars of public money have been spent building them places to play.

I like the Rays. They're interesting. Their owner is interesting. Their manager is interesting. It's interesting that they compete with and sometimes beat with smarts opponents with more money.

But it's past time to stop browbeating people about not going to enough games. It's not our fault.

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