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Did you read Lane DeGregory's story that ran on Christmas Day?

'Is that the real Santa?'


'Is that the real Santa?'



It was about an Egyptian family. I meant to post it on Christmas but then I didn't because it was Christmas. But you should still read it if you haven't.

For weeks, Bishoy had begged his parents. "Please, take me to see Santa!"

The other kids in his first-grade class already had gone. They talked about sitting in Santa's lap. They'd placed their orders.

"Well, we prayed about it," his dad kept saying. "Papa Noel knows you want a bike."

"No, no, no," Bishoy Hana, 6, kept trying to explain. "That's not how they do it here. You can't just pray. You have to go tell Santa what you want. At the mall."

His parents didn't believe him. In Egypt, where they fled from last year, Santa could never be in the mall. He would be shot.

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