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Did you see what the victim of the most recent bear attack said?



Watch this from ABC News.

"... these are wild animals, and we need to respect 'em," she said, "and unfortunately we have five new developments going up within five miles. They just, they have no place to go, and she was protecting her cub. I know. Because I would do the same. And so I can't say I want all these bears killed. We need to learn to respect them. At some point we need to say enough is enough, with the building, the taking way of their habitat ..."

The other much less dramatic but just as important thing she said? "I got here and saw the two bears eating garbage ..."


1. According to Stephen Herrero's book, Bear Attacks: Their Causes and Avoidance, the bears are doing nothing more than following a foraging strategy, which, before the introduction of human recreational use of its habitat, was successful for many generations of ancestors.

2. State law forbids "intentionally placing food or garbage" where black bears can get to it. Which is nice. Of course, the bears don't care if you left your garbage outside your house the night before garbage day on purpose, or by accident, or whatever. They just like that it's there. They like that it's there because your garbage has more quick easy calories than what they would eat otherwise back in the woods. You'd eat the garbage, too, if you were a bear. We do eat the garbage, in essence, hitting the drive-thru instead of cooking at home.

3. No. 13 on this list: People's acceptance of some probability of black bear-inflicted injury, even fatal injury, is essential for bear conservation ...

... or not. Fish and Wildlife is currently on a bear-killing rampage in the area of the attack. The death toll is now seven.

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