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Everybody's read Dan Ruth's column in this morning's paper about the Wesley Chapel movie shooting?



If you haven't, here, because you should. Five things I underlined:

1. So a patron attending a screening of a film about honor, duty and courage shot a man to death all over a texting argument. So much for the National Rifle Association's claim that "good guys with guns" make society safer.

2. Until about 1 p.m. Monday, Reeves, 71, was a law-abiding citizen with a long career in law enforcement and security work. Now he sits in the Pasco County jail facing a second-degree murder charge. And for what? Because he apparently had more bullets than brains.

3. Last year, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, 204,288 people applied for a concealed-carry gun permit. Only 1,497 applicants were denied a permit. With the number of permits on the rise, that can only mean the probability of more movie theater violence, more road rage gunfire, more George Zimmermans emboldened with a false sense of bravado will also escalate.

4. Universities across Florida can legally control conduct such as drinking and smoking on campus. But they can't ban weapons?

5. A man is shot to death because his assailant thought he needed to carry a gun to go to the movies. What have we become here in the State of Paranoia?

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