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Florida killed another person last night and so here are some factoids about executions in the Sunshine State



Jon Silman watched John Ruthell Henry die last night in Starke. Here, then, plucked from a helpful compilation from the Associated Press, are 10 things to know about what we do up there:

1. Florida killed 196 people between 1924 and 1964. All of them were electrocuted.

2. Florida killed 44 people between 1976, when the U.S. Surpreme Court again made executions legally okay, and 1999. All of them were electrocuted.

3. On May 4, 1990, Florida killed Jesse Tafero because he killed three people, including a state trooper. Six-inch flames shot out of his head.

4. In July 1999, Florida killed Allen Lee Davis, who went by "Tiny" because he was fat. "Tiny," who killed a pregnant Jacksonville woman and her two young daughters, got a bloody nose, and the blood appeared on the front of his shirt, spreading to about the size of a dinner plate, seeping through the holes on a leather strap. "Tiny" was the last person Florida electrocuted.

5. The first person Florida killed by pumping chemicals into his veins was Terry Sims. Sims was convicted of killing a volunteer deputy sheriff. He insisted he was innocent.

6. In 2006, Florida killed Angel Diaz, but it took more than 30 minutes instead of the usual 10. That happened because the pumped-in chemicals went into Diaz' soft tissue instead of his bloodstream. The New Republic recently published autopsy photos.

7. Shortly after that, then-Gov. Jeb Bush put a moratorium on executions.

8. Shortly after that, then-Gov. Charlie Crist lifted it.

9. Last night's killing was Florida's 43rd in the last 14 years.

10. Florida has killed 13 people since April 2013 and 18 people since Gov. Rick Scott took office in 2011.

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