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George Zimmerman is scared somebody is going to kill him

'... it's the cross that the Lord gave me and I bear it humbly.'


'... it's the cross that the Lord gave me and I bear it humbly.'



I read the transcript of his interview with Univision so you wouldn't have to. Here are 18 things I underlined:

1. "I had wanted to be a police officer since I was a kid, and I thought that was the best way to help young people in the community. But working with children in the program as a mentor, I saw that when you're -- once they get to the point where the police need to intervene, it's too late, unfortunately. And that was the point where I chose to either be a lawyer or to continue on and be a judge. So I was never frustrated about that. I always knew -- I knew what I thought I could be at some point, but I -- I wanted to have an impact on young people."

2. "... I only knew that the attack stopped. Immediately."

3. "All the time he was attacking me, I was, um, asking him, begging him to stop so that it wouldn't have to escalate to the point he escalated it to."

4. "No, he saw my gun and he told me he was going to kill me, and I realized that he was telling the truth. I mean, he wasn't playing around."

5. "Uh, I can't go to a restaurant and sit down at a table and not have to worry about, you know, somebody trying to murder me or --"

6. "I'm still scared, obviously. There are still threats against me and my family. ... I never know what's going to happen, but, uh, I thank God for every day and I try to live my life as much as I can. Uh, I don't want to miss those moments with my family that, uh, that this process has already stolen from me."

7. "... it wasn't simply because he was walking in the neighborhood. He was at, almost in the middle of the houses and he was walking ... very slow, uh, lightly, and looking at the houses in a way that I thought was strange. Uh, so, no, it wasn't simply that he was a person walking though the, the rain. If I saw somebody in a coat and tie walking lightly, I would think something is suspicious, that a person doesn't mind being out in the rain."

8. "When he saw my handgun and looked at it and told me that he was going to kill me that night, uh, that was enough of a threat after the way he had attacked me."

9. "...  I know that if I didn't act, act the way I did, um, I wouldn't be here."

10. "... I'd love to live a quiet life without being in the press. I'd love to, like any other American citizen, to get a speeding ticket or to have an argu -- argument with my wife and if the police come, for the whole world not to find out about it. But that, as I told you, is my life, and I don't understand why it's that way ..."

11. "... I need bodyguards. There's no funds for bodyguards."

12. "... I spend a lot of time with my Bible and the Lord, and I try to live my life -- as normal as I can, but the fact is that I can't."

13. "I'm totally homeless."

14. "I always want to help -- others."

15. "...I try to be, as I said, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt."

16. "... it's the cross that the Lord gave me and I bear it humbly."

17. "... personally my goal is simply to live my life as much as I can like Christ."

18. "... I have faith that human beings are, um, want to give the benefit of the doubt like I do, and want to forgive, want to go on with their own lives."

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