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How Rick Scott answers questions



The current Florida governor answers questions by not answering them. The Times' Steve Bousquet wrote about this back in January. Here's the latest via the Orlando Sentinel's Jim Stratton:

... the governor was asked if he believed Florida wildlife officials were right in killing bears that had become accustomed to and unafraid of humans.

Scott's (non-) answer: "Well first off, the first concern you have is the family -- for the lady who got injured. And my understanding is she's doing better. I know Fish and Wildlife is trying to do the best thing to keep our state safe, so they're doing their best …"

Next question: Should the minimum wage be raised?

Scott's (non-) answer: "What I focus on is how to create an environment where we have the best jobs in the world. That's what I work on every day. I know what it was like growing up when my father lost his job and how tough that was. I remember his face when his car got repossessed. So the best thing we can do is create an environment where we have the best jobs."

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