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My 7 favorite parts of that Marion County monkey story



1. The part where the Williston police chief said, "Are y'all kidding me? I've responded to deer, bear and snake calls, but never a monkey call."

2. The part where Brian Tucker, a blacksmith in Levy County, said, "It looked like someone with long arms, down on its knees, pulling weeds at the fence line."

3. The part where the monkey probably made a startled horse run truck-like right through a board fence.

4. The part where the monkey kept visiting one woman's persimmon tree.

5. The part where the monkey was referred to as the "greyhound of monkeys."

6. The part where the trapper named Kenny noted the "long 12-inch hairs on his back."

7. And the part where Kenny said, "When I picked the trap up, he kind of grunted and banged the cage. He did bare his teeth at me, he kind of yawned and grinned, and that's a precursor, saying, 'Here's what I have got.' "

Click. We'll always have ours.

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