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Some people liked Ben Montgomery's Father's Day story, and some people didn't, and that's how you know it was good



You read it, yes? These people did, too.

(I've cleaned up the grammar. Because this is my blog.)

1. Absolutely awesome. I wish I could find more in-depth articles like that.

2. I found your article on Meyer Lansky's daughter offensive as a front page article on FATHER'S DAY. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate to have placed it somewhere else in the paper, if you thought this might be of interest. It wasn't to me and many of my friends who take this paper. I would have liked to see an article about an active military father or a wounded veteran. Insensitive to those whose fathers did more than be a gangster. I feel this was a big mistake and a serious offense.

3. Kudos. Great get and beautifully written Lansky story. My father was on the fringe of the mob in Cleveland during the '60s and '70s. His friends, including "Uncle Tiny" and "Uncle Maurie," loved to spoil me with trips to Cleveland Browns and Indians games. They introduced me to the race track where my public relations/journalism career began. Not one ever hit on me. Dad's gang instilled in me a love of sports and newspapers.

4. Of ALL the stories that could have appeared on the front page yesterday about fathers, and great ones at that, the Times chose one about a mobster! Really?

5. A quick note to say I enjoyed your article.

6. Of all the amazing fathers you could honor, Meyer Lansky should not be one of them. I don't care how wonderful he was to his only child. He was a murderer who made other kids orphans. And it doesn't matter a whit how his daughter claims she knows of his criminal life. He's still a murderer and thief, her saying, "Oh, yes, I know, but let's forget that and focus on how wonderful a dad he was." Please. ... You guys aren't worth the money.

7. Let me fatten your head up this morning. I just got off the phone with Sandra Lansky and she told me that Nick Pileggi called her to compliment you on an excellent story. So there you have it: the writer of Goodfellas and Casino fame gave you kudos from Hollywood!

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