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St. Pete's Charlie Crist and his 'delightful opportunity to run into a $100 million buzz saw face-first'

'... embarrassingly solicitous of everyone he meets ...'


'... embarrassingly solicitous of everyone he meets ...'



The Atlantic's Molly Ball:

The chutzpah of it! Florida Republicans, who thought they'd permanently excommunicated him from politics, still can't quite believe this is happening. To them Crist is a joke, a con artist, a pathetic phony still lusting for approbation long past his sell-by date. A thousand Republican knives are out for him, the people he betrayed (or did they betray him first?) lining up to get their revenge: the Tea Party people, the Rubio people, the Jeb Bush people, the well-funded Republican Party of Florida machine Crist once commanded. The Scott campaign is said to be prepared to spend $100 million to defeat Crist. And yet despite it all, and despite a campaign that could generously be described as bare-bones, Crist leads in the polls. Democrats, desperate to take the Tallahassee governor's mansion after two decades' shutout, have embraced him. He could do it. He could win.

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