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Good morning. It's Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2013, which means it's New Year's Eve, which means not much is going on, and which also means -- programming note -- no Sunshine tomorrow morning.

But here's Gawker being Gawker:

When people think of weird crime stories, they think of Florida. And that's fair—the strange Southern state has certainly earned the right to call itself (or be called) the Stupid Criminal Capital of the World. But to say Florida has a monopoly on dumb criminals does a great disservice to other idiot states, like Ohio and Oklahoma, and otherwise respectable countries, like Canada and Sweden.

And here? Additional itemization of shenanigans if that's all you want Florida to be. Adam Weinstein does, however, call our attention to a professional wrestling dinner theater in Kissimmee, which merits acknowledgment and perhaps at some point some deeper observation.

Meanwhile, in Ybor City, a man who's not a police officer pulled over a man who is. A man in Hernando County allegedly hit his wife with a turkey neck and a woman in Bradenton was charged with battery after her boyfriend didn't want to cuddle.

Katharine the great white shark is in the neighborhood! She's being watched.

Extensive pigskin miscellany: Greg Schiano got fired, Tim Tebow got hired, Vinny Testaverde is suing the builder of his mansion because of "substantial volumes of water" in its wine cellar, exercise room, sauna and cabana, and Outback Bowl fans at the beach said silly things.

Florida didn't pass New York in population. But it will.

The biggest issue facing the Tampa Bay area in the new year? Flood insurance. Happy 2014!

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