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Something to think about.

Something to think about.



Good morning. It's Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014.

Florida has more golf courses than any other state and over 2,100 homeless seniors. Florida has more than 370,000 hotel rooms and just over 38,000 beds for the homeless. And so on.

Drug-doing Congressman Trey Radel of Fort Myers: obligatory remorse coupled with attorney-recommended reticence.

The state last night killed Askari Abdullah Muhammad. Another death row inmate died too.

The Citrus County property appraiser shot himself in the head.

Cars and trucks continue to be the biggest enemy of the Florida panther.

In St. Pete, the Pier is now a pier again.

In Tampa, Hampton Black wants to go to Mars.

Broke and pregnant Tina Cash lost me when I learned she smoked. I'm just saying.

We should build smaller houses.

Via the Times' Craig Pittman: A plan to tackle Florida's python problem, one luxury handbag at a time, Fast Company's David Zax reports.

Itemization of idiotic, unrelated events some seem to think are all that goes on down here: A man from Vero Beach was tased at a Palm Beach Gardens P.F. Chang's, a man in Boca Raton bit his neighbor's ear because he wanted a cigarette, and a man in Jacksonville was killed because of an argument over how to cut barbecue.

And how cold was it yesterday? Says here in this morning's paper the high at Tampa International was 49, which broke a more-than-a-century-old record for the lowest high for the date, which was 50 in 1892. Floridians have trouble when it gets not hot.

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