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Stand Your Ground is a law that works best for people with tempers and guns. It incentivizes base behavior.

What is fear? How much is too much? Who says?

"Here's the problem: We're trying to look into the mind of the defendant and posit what he thought was happening," Stetson University College of Law professor Charles Rose told the Times' Jessica Vander Velde in today's paper. "That's often why these cases go trial — because you just can't tell." Expect this to come up again: Escobar said Reeves suffers from bursitis in his shoulder, as well as arthritis, respiratory issues and hypertension. All reasons in Florida under the law as it's written to be that much more afraid of the man with the popcorn.

Here's the problem, too, says Times columnist Sue Carlton: Where isn't there a gun anymore? Not far away, the University of South Florida was recently forced to let students keep guns in their cars because of an appeals court ruling. We are gun-mad, with no plans to change. Like I said yesterday: A gun is the difference between afternoon unpleasantries and a dead dad.

Come to Florida!

Meanwhile, in Tampa, "Namaste, y'all."

Beverly Young says we ruined her life. Everybody's read Andy Meacham's story?

Today in animals: peacocks and a bald eagle.

A woman in Gainesville with terrible hair, a terrible face tattoo and a somehow appropriate name stole a water delivery truck.

Don't do drugs.

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