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Good morning. It's Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014. Apologies for the delay.

Sort of an interesting juxtaposition on the bottom of the front of today's Times: Jeff Klinkenberg's appreciation of author Patrick Smith, whose book about old Florida is a classic, and a Bob Trigaux column on how and why the state is losing its luster for the rich.

Speaking of that, Florida's losing 30,000 millionaires last year, here are some of the things I underlined:

1. ... Florida lacks what states with the highest concentration of millionaires have: a source of wealth creation.

2. ... proximity to rich, powerful and highly educated metro areas ...

3. Florida lacks cities with such high-end capacity to generate wealth ...

4. "It's easier said than done to create wealth there," he suggested. And most millionaires in Florida created their fortunes elsewhere before moving here.

5. Other states are starting to generate more millionaires. Case in point: North Dakota. The state ranked 29th, just ahead of Florida, by density of millionaires ...

People in Florida come November will vote on medical marijuana.

Radel! Fiercely contested special election!

The word(?) of the day is ... "sickmentally."

Snow in Florida!?!

OF COURSE the coach of the U.S. women's Olympics curling team lives in Florida.

A 73-year-old man walked into a bank wearing black underwear over his face and holding a wooden shotgun. "The suspect told me he was on a fixed income and gambled away his money on horses and Texas hold-em," the deputy wrote in an arrest report. Click.

Here's a part of a sentence from a piece that ran today in the Times: ... the casinos have helped create more gambling addicts than jobs.

Here, from Southeast Dixie Highway in Stuart via Will Greenlee, is ... a pretty epic golf cart. Now THAT is pretty Florida. Also this.

But the most Florida sentence I've read so far today? It's hiding on 7B of my paper. It was the home's deplorable conditions, not the gunshot, that led to their arrests. Don't do drugs.

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