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Foggy out there this morning.


Foggy out there this morning.



Good morning. It's Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2014.

Let's start with Carl Hiaasen on medical marijuana: Why not? This, after all, is the state that made pill mills a roadside tourist attraction.

And from there let's consult the New York Times' second-day coverage of the drug death of Philip Seymour Hoffman: "What we're seeing, as pills become more difficult to access, is a shift to the black market and heroin."

Speaking of the NYT, did you see Wesley Chapel on this morning's Op-Ed page? Joe Nocera, writing about the predictable results of too many guns: The guys in the movie theater would have had a fistfight instead of a shooting.

This, too, was of interest:

Chattanooga "is a small city that I had never heard of," said Toni Gemayel, a Florida native who moved his software start-up, Banyan, from Tampa to Chattanooga because of the Internet speed. "It beat Seattle, New York, San Francisco in building the Gig. People here are thinking big." ...

Mr. Gemayel, the Florida native who moved Banyan here from Tampa, first passed through Chattanooga in 2012, when he heard about an entrepreneurial contest sponsored by The Company Lab with a $100,000 prize. Banyan, which was working on a way to share real-time editing in huge data files quickly among far-flung researchers, won the contest. Mr. Gemayel returned to Tampa with his check.

But once there he discovered that his low-bandwidth Internet connection was hampering the development of his business. By the beginning of 2013, he had moved to Chattanooga.

"It was a great night for the voters." Or ... something. Says the Times: The debate underscored that this is not an election of nuance.

There's an easy way to ignore the ads.

Who knew the world's biggest maker of paintballs has a manufacturing facility in Clearwater? Or at least used to. Off to Asia.

Florida has some of the strongest public records laws in the country. Too strong, in the minds of some in Tallahassee, writes the Times' Steve Bousquet.

A 58-year-old man who suffers from facial disfigurement that is the result of having previously shot himself in the face had recently been told by the managers of his apartment complex to stop masturbating in front of his open windows and door. So he set the apartment complex on fire.

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