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Thumbs up for the non-boring Rays.


Thumbs up for the non-boring Rays.



Good morning. It's Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2014.

Nature photographer John Moran has a question:

... what do you suppose will happen when our reputation, like our formerly pristine waters, reaches the tipping point and the stench of dead and dying pelicans and manatees and dolphins is exceeded only by the stench of our dying tourism economy?

Pretty good first paragraph here from the Times' Alex Orlando: On Monday morning, authorities say, 33-year-old Jaime Velez put on a pair of rubber gloves and slipped a gun into his waistband. He went to a chiropractic clinic to confront the man who snitched on him.

The phrase of the morning is the mobile home now known as the cat house.

But my favorite headline I've seen so far today? Sarasota man, 101, running for Congress.

And this, of course, from Pom Bondi, Florida's attorney general, is the quote that's the talk of the town, or should be: "I don't think I've ever made a resume in my life."

The Daytona paper says the oldest Goodyear Blimp is coming down to Florida to retire, cops in Mount Dora arrested a sleepy burglar, and the Pasco County jail has a new area just for ... veterans.

Pugilist Roy Jones Jr. wants to be Pensacola's mayor.

Tampa Bay's Rays? Baseball's most interesting team -- the best in the American League, too, says Grantland's Jonah Keri.

"Beginning the Workday yet Already Depleted? Consequences of Late-Night Smartphone Use and Sleep." A new study from the University of Florida.

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