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A woman from Wisconsin and a penguin from Africa seen here in Tampa.


A woman from Wisconsin and a penguin from Africa seen here in Tampa.



Good morning. It's Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014.

Here's Slate's Dahlia Lithwick in the back of the A section of today's paper:

The fact that "stand your ground" defenses have been staggeringly successful in Florida in recent years suggests that it's been embedded into more than just jury instructions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a Tampa Bay Times study from 2012 shows that "as 'stand your ground' claims have increased, so too has the number of Floridians with guns. Concealed weapons permits now stand at 1.1 million, three times as many as in 2005 when the law was passed." Put bluntly: As Floridians sense that other Floridians plan to shoot first, they buy more guns.

The gun lobby has single-handedly made certain that the very definition of what one might reasonably expect from an altercation at a Walmart, a movie theater or a gas station has changed. By seeking to arm everyone in America, the NRA has in fact changed our reasonable expectation of how fights will end, into a self-fulfilling prophecy about how fights will end.

"We're bringing Silicon Valley here to Florida." Click.

But the quote of the morning? Comes from a guy named Guy. "I don't understand. I thought cocaine wasn't illegal in Florida."

Seen Pushing Luck? Watch the trailer.

Fake or Florida is a new thing on Seth Meyers' show.

Goodness me. One of polo's great players died this week playing the sport in Florida.

The president of the Miami Marlins was the first contestant voted off the island Wednesday night on Survivor. Sounds about right.

Ermin Luis, 18, spoke exclusively to NBC2's Alex De Armas about what he called an "out of the box" and "confusing night." Sure was.

Says here in the Orlando Sentinel Florida wildlife officials hope to recruit volunteers to help manage the state's growing population of black bears.

Money from Washington for the oyster men and women in and around Apalachicola.

Florida, according to the well-being index, is pretty ... average.

Isn't Florida Tourism Day every day?

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