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These people are talking about Trader Joe's.


These people are talking about Trader Joe's.



Good morning. It's Thursday, March 20, 2014, and people around here continue to be super excited about the opening of a place that sells food. Here's the Times' Susan Thurston today on 1A:

TAMPA — Just how big is the opening of the area's first Trader Joe's on Friday?

The city of Tampa has deemed it a matter of public safety and will deploy half a dozen police officers to direct traffic and patrol the neighborhood.

On top of that, Trader Joe's has hired three off-duty officers to keep the calm Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Tampa Bay area? Big enough to host the Bollywood Oscars. Small enough to go bananas over a Trader Joe's. All the hubbub makes me think of the time Hernando County got a Carrabba's.

Either Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, doesn't understand how newspapers work, or he absolutely does, in which case this is even worse.

I don't like the phrase "cultural amenities." The word "amenities" has been co-opted by people who think about things like granite countertops.

No single thing encapsulates all of what's wrong with everything, but a $5,500 wrestling shoe at Hulk Hogan's store on Clearwater Beach, stolen or not, gets pretty close.

The state today is set to kill another person.

There's something called the Gated Community Security Managers Association. It's based in Kissimmee. Because why wouldn't it be? Gated communities: A perceived license to not be bothered. Divided we fall.

Says Brandon Haught, the author of "Going Ape: Florida's Battles over Evolution in the Classroom" and the communications director for Florida Citizens for Science: It's heartbreaking when parents purposely want what is in reality a distorted funhouse mirror version of science education.

Says Leonard Pitts: We will argue, protest and legislate over a child's right to be here before she arrives. Once she gets here, though, she's on her own.

Says Tampa's Vicky Ferraro: Stop worrying about new stadiums and start paying attention to quality of life issues in Tampa.

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