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St. Pete's Central Avenue.


St. Pete's Central Avenue.



Good ... day. It's Monday, March 31, 2014, and it's also baseball's Opening Day here in St. Pete.

In Florida, we're gradually getting back to work, but many of the fastest-growing industries have lower-paying jobs, Jeff Harrington reported in Sunday's Times. A tidbit I underlined that for some reason didn't make it to About 588,000 Floridians are still considered unemployed -- the equivalenet of the entire state of Wyoming.

More from yesterday's paper:

What this chart shows is widespread lack of access to the best possible public education. It's an outrage.

What did you think of the big image of a 2014 Rays world championship trophy on the front of the special baseball preview section? I don't think that would ever happen in, oh, Boston. Too fraught. Even still.

The Rays' owner has to have his daily paper. Go team!

Cameron Cottrill's Walking Dead illustration looked so good in print.

Moving on:

Michael Grunwald says this is why there's no solar in the Sunshine State.

Here's a fun sentence from Jennifer Odom, in the Ocala paper: Holding their noses, curious teachers and students filed past the second-grade classrooms on the day before spring break as a mysterious cloud of eau-de-rotting carcass floated around the area.

And the quote of the day? "I have a depressing life and want to get high." Click.

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