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Over a million square feet of stuff.


Over a million square feet of stuff.



Good morning. It's Wednesday, April 16, 2014.

The future:

Located near Interstate 75 off State Road 674 in Ruskin, the Hillsborough center will process small items like books and CDs. The Lakeland center, which is also under construction, will handle larger items, from kayaks to TVs.

The Ruskin center will eventually use robots to locate order items and take them to a warehouse worker for further processing.

Also: Winn-Dixie hiring spree! The Atlantic's Derek Thompson: According to the Fed, real hourly earnings for retail workers has actually decreased since 2007, the year the recession struck. The upshot is that we're seeing a large industry stricken by the rise of the Internet, which is growing fastest into supercenters like Walmart that pay regularly low, if not minimum, wages to its employees. For consumers, there's never been a better time to buy stuff. It's not such a happy story for the people on the shopping floor and behind the counters.

Interesting sentence about St. Pete in today's paper from Katherine Snow Smith: This is a town of folks who will spend more than $100 a person on a meal in New York but complain if a hometown place charges more than Harvey's 4th Street Grill.

The other day, the AP's Tamara Lush called this the most Florida headline ever, and she might be right: Man observing alligator bitten by snake.

"They lived for thousands of years without disease or exotic insects," said John Kalafarski, a volunteer who helps monitor orchids at Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve. "We're part of the species that wiped them out or made them rare. We want to be a part of restoring them, too." Click.

... while no one wants a "police state," more stringent rules are needed for spring break and other special events that bring in large crowds. Click.

HIV-positive player kicked off Kissimmee rec basketball team. Click.

The third shark bite reported in Volusia County this year. Click.

The lionfish population has exploded hopelessly out of control.

It's been a nice break of nearly a decade — a record — without hurricanes for Florida. Shhhhhh.

You read the latest from Ben Montgomery on the remains of the Dozier boys, right?

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