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This is Merlin and CeCe McLeod in Pinellas Park.


This is Merlin and CeCe McLeod in Pinellas Park.



Morning. It's Friday, April 25, 2014.

Rick Scott, now bilingual, is spending a ton of money to bash Charlie Crist over "Obamacare," among other things. The Humanities and Public Life.

Cigar City beer bigwig and fifth-generation Floridian Joey Redner is thinking about moving because this state's lawmakers are bad at their jobs.

New numbers show what everybody already knew: Florida's not that cheap anymore. BEA.

Brevard County is the Florida of Florida, and here's the most Florida thing I've read so far today: Students in one Central Florida school this year will try to ace high-stakes standardized tests without their usual shot of Mountain Dew. The local paper's treatment.

Thanks for saying this, Times editorial board: Once again the Florida Legislature is poised to end its annual session by reinforcing the same double standard: Accountability in education is paramount for public schools, but not for private enterprises that receive public dollars to educate students. Lawmakers twice in the past week have voted to lessen accountability for private-run charter schools and sidestep calls for more accountability for private schools that accept tuition vouchers. Students would be better served if lawmakers spent more time improving public schools and less time catering to privately run institutions.

From your Florida read in today's New York Times: Immokalee, 30 miles inland from several wealthy gulf resorts, is a town of taco joints and backyard chicken coops where many farmworkers still live in rotting shacks or dilapidated, rat-infested trailers.

Florida a top-ranked economy?

Can you feel the air getting heavier? Say hey to summer.

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