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Good morning. It's Wednesday, May 14, 2014, and let's start with something you don't see every day -- this sentence: The governor made the correct decision.

Meanwhile ...

Here's retired USF St. Petersburg political scientist Darryl Paulson on the Ed Jany debacle in the 13th Congressional District race: "What have the Democrats accomplished? They have alienated their core constituency by assaulting Rev. Sykes and now are left with no candidate to run in what was considered one of the most competitive districts in the nation and a district that Democrats said was a must-win."

Add this to what people are saying about what Marco Rubio said about climate change: Not only is Rubio incorrect, but he's ignoring a mountain of concrete, scientific research. And Rick Scott's take? "I'm not a scientist."

This here is the Florida headline of the day, courtesy of Miami: Massive Grow House, Cockfighting Ring Unearthed Under Dog House. Although this one is close: Sword, hack saw and wind chimes wielded in rampage.

Smart -- just not smart enough.

Directing your attention to this sentence: Florida was one of the last states to continue using the electric chair despite two executions in the 1990s when flames erupted from the inmate's head.

And some news you can use from Jeff Klinkenberg over on Facebook: You know summer is around the corner when bull sharks show up near shore in West Central Florida. They're easily the most dangerous shark we see around here, so be careful.

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