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Tuesday now. Seven things.

1. ... a huge opportunity which might literally sail to states like Texas and Louisiana if we do not do anything. So say the Tampa Bay area's tourism and economic development heads.

2. Chris Thompson, former Visit Florida boss and now president and CEO of Brand USA: "As it relates to international visitations, attracting visitors from outside our borders, Florida is always in the top three with New York and California as a state, and many of the cities within Florida are in the top 10 as it relates to individual destinations that attract and benefit from international visitation."

3. The business cost of climate change.

4. Why has liberal talk radio failed in Miami?

5. Why is Jeb Bush silent during this immigration crisis?

6. It's still not clear what purpose the items served and why they were left in the road. Click.

7. A family in Lake Worth in Palm Beach County is fighting its homeowners association to keep its service pig named Wilbur. "This isn't a simple, 'We don't like pigs; the pig's got to go,' or 'We don't like children,'" Backer said. "It's nothing like that. The homeowners association has a legal obligation to enforce its rules." Click.

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