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1. Marlene Sokol: While most high school students feel comfortable in Hillsborough County public schools, many feel less secure when they head toward home. And, according a survey released Monday, neighborhoods are doing too little to fix that.

More often than not, adults don't object if kids skip school and hang around on street corners. Gang activity is a growing problem, most of the high school students surveyed reported.

Many said they started using marijuana at 8 or younger. Nearly one in five said they had improperly used prescription drugs more than 40 times in their life. ...

Nearly half said their communities do not meet and work on solving problems together. About 40 percent said neighbors don't watch over one another's property.

Fewer than half believe their neighbors would do something about children skipping school or hanging out. More than half believe gangs are a serious problem — one that's worsening. Sixty-five percent felt public drinking is a problem.

Many admitted themselves to drinking, smoking marijuana and taking prescription drugs without prescriptions. More than 500 said they tried marijuana at age 8 or younger. Nearly 300 said they were that young when they had their first drink. Nearly all said they had improperly used prescription drugs at least once.

2. John Romano: Rick Scott gets it all wrong about student testing.

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