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The surprising tale of friendly Outside Bunny of Tampa's Old Seminole Heights, and how she lived, really lived



A 600-or-so-word Ben Montgomery gem from the archives that ran two years ago today on 1A:

About a year ago, a little brown bunny moved into a green bungalow on W Lambright Street in Old Seminole Heights, down by the Hillsborough River. She stayed inside at first, safe from growling dogs and taunting raccoons and the 8-foot gators the river deposits on its banks.

But one day she began to venture out. The bunny was scared at first of her neighbors, friendly though they were. A flinch would send her running, a blur of ears and dust, but soon she began to settle in and eventually she developed a daily routine.

Around dusk, she'd hop across the street to 326, where Linda Martinez, 63, offered "Buckwheat" a small pile of fresh spinach. She'd bounce next door, to 324, where Lisa Ranney, 44, fed "Bunny" carrots. She'd then make for 320, where Patricia Fisher, 71, gave "Freedom" pieces of romaine lettuce. Then she'd hop across to 325, where Lyn Blair, 70, gave "Little Fella" apples.

Her owner, Zach Corral, told his neighbors that the bunny belonged to the world.

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