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The Times' Ben Montgomery's Dunn trial tweets

Michael Dunn.

Brevard County Jail

Michael Dunn.



You following him? Here are my 11 favorite things he tweeted yesterday:

1. "This is the point where my death is imminent." Dunn is even using the 'stand your ground' law's specific language.

2. Hard to imagine being Jordan Davis' family listening to Michael Dunn cry and talk about how scared he was. Of a boy. With no gun.

3. Dunn says he fled because he was scared the teens were coming for him. But he took the dog potty. Then ordered a pizza. And had a nightcap.

4. When the Jacksonville detective called Dunn, he was ready: "I know why you're calling. It was self defense," he said.

5. Dunn trial watchers: Case-law has established that there need not be an actual weapon, just the threat of one, for protection under SYG.

6. Shot a 17-year-old then ordered pizza and made himself a rum and Coke.

7. In the vast majority of 'stand your ground' cases the victim is unarmed. Their killers still go free.

8. "In the situation I was in, I consciously pulled the trigger once. Everything after that was panic." Dunn fired 10 times.

9. Interesting similarity between Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman: Both well-versed in Florida's 'stand your ground' law.

10. "I'm an avid gun guy or whatever," Dunn says in his interview with police.

11. Our analysis: people who claim SYG after killing a black victim more likely to go free than those who killed a white.

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