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Today's game of Florida-related mental hopscotch!



Reading the aforementioned Gary Mormino Perspective piece made me think about something I wrote around the RNC in Tampa in the summer of 2012. This sentence in particular: The future, the report deduced, will be different than the past. Which made me think about an Op-Ed the other day in the New York Times. This paragraph in particular:

Today's young adults are constantly rebuked for not following the life cycle popular in 1960. But a quick look at earlier eras shows just how unusual mid-20th-century young people were. A society in which people married out of high school and held the same job for 50 years is the historical outlier. Some of that era's achievements were enviable, but they were not the norm.

Which made me think about the concurrence of (1) the utter abnormality of the second half of the 20th century and (2) pretty much the entirety of the history of modern Florida. Am I wrong when I say these days the state's sandy soil feels maybe especially loose?

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